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International Workshop on Semantic Technologies (IWOST 2015) Held in JLU
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The 1st International Workshop on Semantic Technologies (IWOST 2015), jointly organized by Jilin University and the International Center for Computational Logic of the Technische Universität Dresden and funded by the Erasmus Mundus Project Swap and Transfer (SAT), was successfully held in Computer Building on March 11-12, 2015. Pro. Steffen Hoelldobler from Dresden University of Technology and Pro. Liang Yanchun from Jilin University co-chaired IWOST 2015. Pro. Ouyang Jihong, vice dean of the CCST,JLU, presided over the opening ceremony. More than 20 experts and scholars from universities and research institutions of Italy, Germany, USA, Austria, Finland, Portugal, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and China over 50 teachers and students from CCST, JLU attended the meeting. Pro. Fausto Giunchiglia from University of Trento, Italy and Pro. Chagnaa Altangerel from National University of Mongolia, Mongolia, were invited to give special lectures entitled respectively Open Data Integration, Cleaning and Reuse and Language Resources in Semantic Web.


In the two-day workshop, 13 scholars and researchers from China, Italy, Mongolia, Austria, Vietnam, Portugal, Germany and other countries had in-depth discussions about their research results on the semantic web-related technologies, which promoted peer communication globally in terms of leading edge of semantic technologies, pushed forward the research and development of the field of knowledge management in China, explored the research frontiers of semantic technologies and knowledge management and their future trend of development, and shared the experiences and the latest research results of semantic technologies and knowledge management.


This workshop provided a bridge for our school to communicate with domestic and foreign counterparts in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, semantic web, knowledge management, deepened academic cooperation and improved researchers of our university to recognize a diverse and pluralistic, multilingual knowledge management and built a platform for professional staff and research students domestically and internationally to communicate with the world’s top experts and scholars for future exchange and cooperation programs. At the same time, it strengthened the academic influence of the related disciplines of Jilin University accelerated the process of internationalization of the disciplinary construction of CCST, JLU.

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